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About Stefania

Stefania has loved flowers for as long as she can remember, she has always had an affinity with flowers.

Stefania spent most of her time running successfully a flower shop in one of the most wealthy areas in Dublin. She studied in different schools and she got part of her education from few of the most popular floral designers in Europe. This enabled her to develop great abilities and learning a variety of techniques to please any customers requests.

She finds inspiration by travelling, museums, nature, fashion, magazines and books, she draws emotion from whatever caught her eye and she uses this approach when she needs to create something unique.

To Stefania, floristry is like an art, like fashion or interior design, which uses textures, colours and shapes of flowers to bring out personality and style. Not that her arrangements are ever forced, or over-fussy. She always tries to arrange flowers in a way that you see them growing in nature, rather than force them into formal arrangements.

Her style is very natural and doesn’t adhere to rules. She doesn’t believe in floral trends, especially when is regarding a wedding. What is important to her is the venue, the bride and her understanding of the bride’s dream. Most of the brides looked for her because they wanted something unique and different.